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Fresh from triggering bedroom DJs the world over with a brilliant internet-breaking Boiler Room performance, the conceptual, contrary and controversial Chris Korda arrives at Perlon with her first musical work in fifteen years. Ditching the DAW and recoding her MIDI sequencer to accommodate multiple time signatures, the Church Of Euthanasia founder experiments with polymeter and shifting phrasing at the fertile overlap between techno and jazz. The result is a ten track set of glistening, trance-inducing repetition which retains the DIY naivety of her earlier work while achieving an organic sound rare for an entirely electronic composition. Reminiscent of UR's "Hi Tech Jazz" phase, but injected with the airy spiritualism of Yoruba, this is currently a big hit for the Piccadilly crew.


Patrick says: I first encountered Chris Korda through some provocative, arch and DIY techno 12"s on Gigolo about fifteen years ago, and worked backwards from there, digging into the mythology of the Church Of Euthanasia and Chris' earlier releases. To have a new release after all that time was blessing enough, but the quality here is astounding. End of Year chart contender for me.


A1. Vizyon
A2. Asiri
A3. Iyika
B1. Ala Aye
B2. Awose
B3. Ra Bayi
C1. Ra Mi
C2. Egungun
D1. Dek Sep Bluso
D2. Fazo Kanto

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