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Death Waltz

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Tate Taylor’s excellent psychological horror film MA finds Octavia Spencer offering suspicious generosity with some warning signs — a classic tale of what happens when something seems too good to be true. Composer Gregory Tripi’s fantastic, mostly electronic score is laced with the type of ambient beauty, ominous energy, and berserk passages that a story this unhinged requires. He uses analog synths, along with elements such as a live cello, pitched wine glasses and a ukulele, made from a bento box, to craft a score that, like Spencer’s Ma character, lulls you in with a false sense of security before stopping you cold with a deeply crushing sense of terror that hits you at your core.


Side A
1. I Was Just A Kid
2. You Can Beat It Ma
3. Pretty Cool, Huh?
4. Nobody’s Here But You And Me
5. Mercedes Stakeout
6. Modern Babes In A Modern World
7. It’s Five O’clock Somewhere
8. You Don’t Look So Well
9. Not Saying Shit
10. Hey Ma, Loser
11. Pow
12. Cool It With The Pics
13. Go Feed The Animals
14. You’re Making Your Business My Business
15. This Is Your One Warning
16. All In Boxes
17. Sue Ann Flashback

Side B
18. Maybe I Should Cut It Off
19. You’re Missing Out
20. That Much Diazepem
21. Those Big Doe Eyes
22. This Ought To Shut You Up
23. We Have History
24. Who’s In The House?
25. Set The Picture
26. I Am Not My Mother
27. Up In Flames

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