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La Vie Electronique Volume 1

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Mig Music

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”La Vie Electronique” first was published as a strictly limited 50 CD-Box and is now being released in chronological order in 3CD-sets including some material never released before. This first set contains pieces, which have been recorded between 1969 and 1972 with very simple tools like the Teisco Organ - but with a big vision.

Klaus Schulze: “It all started about 40 years ago. I suppose you could call it an accident. In the years before, when I still went to school, I had some guitar training. And then I played acoustic guitar for about six years. Also I fooled around with the electric guitar, playing music of The Shadows or The Spotnicks. Then I started with drums. My brother was a drummer with a jazz band, so l thought that drumming would be more pleasant than playing guitar. After that l was drumming in the avantgarde/free rock trio PSY FREE, then Tangerine Dream, and in August 1970 l founded Ash Ra Tempel. One day I said to myself ‘Okay, lt’s all pretty and normal music, but I want to do something special. I should change instruments.’ That was when I started with keyboards. I didn’t know anything about keyboards. I had an old, small, used, electric Teisco home organ. And I had my drumming experiences, and a few special ideas: a kind of dream that I couldn’t explain then, or now. So I started something new. A leap in the dark. “What started as an experiment (and still is) has increased to a giant sound cosmos over the years. On “La Vie Electronique” you have the chance to experience this progression with rare recordings that haven’t been released on the regular albums.”

“What I called E-Machines at this time were reverb, microphones, a little echo box and a Fender-guitar amp. I connected the amp to the mixing desk, but the output came back from the amp into the mixing desk. When you turned it up, there was a feedback of course, but when you used the “Tremolo-knob” of the Fender, the sound started to modulate. This way I created all the “chirpy” sounds which I later created with the VCS-3. Shortly after I finished the record, the thing was broken. Besides that, I had my Teisco-Organ, which already had a pitch wheel. I opened it and manipulated some cables. I had no idea of technique, but suddenly it sounded totally different. I liked that”.


CD 1:
I Was Dreaming I Was Awake
And Then I Woke Up
And Found Myself
The Real McCoy
Time Never Dies
The Age Of Shopping

CD 2:
Mit Jungen Augen
Es Ist Abend
Ob Es Regnet
Heißer Tag
Study For Brian Eno
Fuzzy Logic
Hasten Slowly
Feed Your Head
Electric Dreams

CD 3:
Etude Pour Une Fin Du Monde
Die Kultpumpe
Loch Im Meer
Die Grüne Leiche
Gesang Zur Dämmerung
Study For Terry Riley
Les Jockeys Camouflés

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