Beyond The Cosmic Blaze

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Bouquet Records

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Occasionally prodigal, but ever-prodigious, Elliot Thomas AKA Etbonz weaves an 80-s/early 90's sci-fi cinema sound into a total recall of scattered memories.
Childhood play with starcom and Gobots. Soaking in cult classics like Robocop, Predator, and Big Trouble in Little China on VHS. DJing in spacey laser-lit rooms draped with sound-dampening curtains. Side A leads with 'Blue Drink,' which is carried perfectly on melodic motifs designed for trance inducing, with a steadily crescendoing & irresistible rhythmic mantra. Following this, 'Curtainbox Space World' flips the 'Jerry Garcia finds a 303' switch and accidentally opens a portal to some deep shamanic release. On the flip, "Beyond The Cosmic Blaze" takes a shuffling bassline, spaced out sequences and frazzled guitars to turn out the kind of wild chugger you'd hear from Baldelli, Loda, Weatherall or Harvey - mint in other words. Finally Trent takes on "Blue Drink" augmenting the low slung bassline and Italo shimmer with a pressurised blast of pulsating techno and skewed mutant funk.


A1. Blue Drink
A2. Curtainbox Space World
B1. Beyond The Cosmic Blaze
B2. Blue Drink (Trent Rework)

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