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White Warning

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Staytech Records

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Staytech has become an underground imprint with some of the most unique styles of techno over the last couple of years since the birth of the label in 2017. Paul Lightfoot is now announcing the second album of his career. The prolific English producer has been recognized by some of the biggest artists in the techno scene due to the prosperity of his previous releases, and here we now have ' White Warning'.

A very special album designed to take the listener on a journey of many different styles of the techno genre. The album consists of ten cuts each one showing its own personality. The opening track 'Nostromo' which is gone straight in for the pounding underground warehouse rave environment, that's perfect to open a set to blow any crowd away. Then is closely followed by the second track of the album, ' Acid Man ' This is one dark acidic roller not for the faint-hearted. Mainly driven at full speed by a 303 bass line. Track three 'Your Mind' Haunting catchy vocals and a powerful kick and bassline that gives the track a repetitive almighty depth. Onto track four 'Warp' this comes with a more minimal atmospheric approach with dark-themed chords and heavy strings.

Meanwhile, mid creation of the Album 'This Acid' contains acidic rolling stabs and a pounding kick drum, a rave impelled techno titian. The sixth track 'Be Free' A little off the darker side of techno than the rest, this track portrays a connection between house and techno sitting somewhere in-between the genres. A simple lead line that won't be forgotten by any raver. Track Seven 'Feel Real' Similar to track six this again sits in-between the genres of house and techno. The energy is rushing throughout this track and lifts a whole rave when played, continuous piano stabs that will give you goosebumps. Defiantly one to wear out a crowd.

Number Eight 'Talking to Myself' Old school rave chords bounce throughout the track with a strong underlining string. Second to last 'Travel' this will take you on a minimalistic musical journey sounding similar to Richie Hawtins productions Paul has hit the nail on the head here with travel, this will 100%% be a track to go down in history as far as techno is concerned. Last but not least onto the title track 'White warning'. This is a sweaty dancefloor nuclear weapon giving techno awakening its self one heavy finale for amazing energy-driven album.


1. Nostromo ( Original Mix )
2. Acid Man ( Original Mix )
3. Your Mind ( Original Mix )
4. Feel Real ( Original Mix )
5. Warp ( Original Mix )
6. This Acid ( Original Mix )
7. Be Free ( Original Mix )
8. Talking To Myself ( Original Mix )
9. Travel ( Original Mix )
10. White Warning ( Original Mix )

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