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Celestial Railroads

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Emotional Response and Ocean Moon come together for a special collaborative release, where Seahawks take the music of WOO on a journey to the inner sanctum. Immersive, psychoactive and phased to perfection. For those who know not the music of WOO, prepare to behold a rare and magical incarnation of transcendent beauty.

Perhaps Seahawks most spaced out voyage since Vision Quest One: Spaceships Over Topanga Canyon, ‘Celestial Railroads’ is a psychedelic odyssey that goes way beyond the norm. 'After the Last Train To Trancentral far Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, Celestial Railroads await….’


Matt says: The nation's favourite cosmic seafarers return with cult oddball music mavericks Woo for one of their most star-flung voyages yet.


1.The Next Level
2. Travel Softly
3. The Way Of Woo
4. Magic Totem ­­
5. Omotion
6. A Deep Trip Within
7. Angelic Forces Unite
8. All Beings Of Light
9. Magic Sphere
10. Distant River
11. The Heart’s Fandango
12. Seven States Of Bliss

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