Land Of Light

The World Lies Breathing

Image of Land Of Light - The World Lies Breathing
Record Label
Melody As Truth

About this item

After a seven year hiatus since the release of their debut LP on ESP Institute, Kyle Martin and Jonny Nash’s Land Of Light return with their sophomore album for Melody As Truth. Written and composed over the course of two years, “The World Lies Breathing” reflects the pair’s shared development towards spacious, abstract composition crafted from a wide range of contrasting sound sources. Utilising a combination of acoustic instruments, contact microphones and Martin’s self-built modular synthesiser “The World Lies Breathing” focuses on the space between sounds, conjuring up an organic yet alien landscape that exists on the edge of an unknowable void.


Between Two Grains Of Water
Hand Holding Mine
Light Of The Milligram
Mystery And Fire
Human Archeology
Age Of Tin And Copper
Possession Of Silence
Distracted Tenderness

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