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Natural Race

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After a string of dope and diverse dance floor releases on Uzuri, Off Minor, Dopeness Galore and No 'Label', Berlin based Italians Stump Valley land at Dekmantel HQ with this mega double pack. While the style and tempo may have varied across these releases, their commitment to 80s hardware has never faltered, and their dependable pals from Yamaha, Roland, Korg and Casio are in fine form on this new release.
Sleek, gliding and retro-futurist in the most contemporary way, "Natural Race" opens the set with a blast of dance floor soul, taken to a higher place by Wayne Snow's passionate vocals. The music then veers into equatorial territory, as the duos' uses of classic 707 and LinnDrum sounds evoke a sense of sunset grooves; the sound of Theo Parrish slowly winding through an Adriatic cocktail party. Further on and 'Proletarians In Space' reflects the producers' more Detroit-like influences, with oscillating machine music. 'Zoo Planet X' takes the sound further, with dubby pads, and old-school kicks and hats, that transport the Turin-based artists across the Atlantic with their out-of-time sonic aesthetic. As we slide to the final side, "Ritmo Atomico" layers Italo-house pianos over a progressive bassline while "Starbugs" takes us deep into the rainforest on a mind expanding shamanic tip.


Natural Race (Ft. Wayne Snow)
Marimbamba Isle De Joie
Magnifico Notturno
Barrilete Cosmico
Proletarians In Space
Zoo Planet X
Ritmo Atomico

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