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Safe Trip

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Remember that bullet-from-nowhere, "Sublunar Oracles" album by Trans-4AM early int year?! Here's two alternative mixes of "Arrival" and "Amma"; the former a completely unreleased version while the latter, dating back to a 1993 release on Buzz, has become a much desired track in its own right.

Another round of applause for Safe Trip then (a label feverishly collected by our resident passerine..- Ed) who've plastered these epic hits across a side of wax each!

"Arrival (Remix)" heads straight into an oceanic and expansive soundscape; with fluttering keys, loping chord sweeps and tropical island percussion evoking memories of being in a deserted exotic paradise.

"Amma (Moon Mix)" treads a thin line between warehouse anthem and Balearic tickler; it's rave-indebted lead line somewhat suppressed by the coastal chord stabs that surround it while the heavy warehouse break is tamed by glassy bell chimes and a much more naive and childlike approach than hoards of young men necking garies under an abandoned railway bridge... A strange but comfortable juxtaposition of styles that's synonymous with Trans-4AM.

Definitely merits a purchase! 


Matt says: Safe Trip is a label who've every single release I've so far acquired without ever meaning to collect the label! Such is the quality of their releases they simpy go into my bag without me even realising it was them behind them each and every time! Second visitation of Trans-4AM for the label and it's two nice takes of "Arrival" and "Amma" off the "Sublunar Oracles" LP. Nice!


Arrival (Remix)
Amma (Moon Mix)

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