Nev Cottee

Roses / Morning Sun (Instrumental)

Image of Nev Cottee - Roses / Morning Sun (Instrumental)
Record Label
Wonderful Sound

About this item

After exclusively seeing the light of day on Wonderful Sound's subscription club Wonderfulsevens, This 7' is now availble for general release. Roses sees Nev Cottee dueting with the mysterious Veronica.. A Nico esque performance on this beautiful Wait's / John Barryesque Orchestrated ode. The flip Morning Sun (Instrumental) finally sees the light of day. Nev's orchestration brings to mind Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Air's deeper more Balearic moments. Championed by the Chill out DJ's across the Mediterranean inc Phil Mison, Aficianodo's Moonboots & Jason Boardman.


A1. Morning Sun (instrumental)

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