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‘The Psychedelic Sounds of...’, the Elevators’ ground-breaking debut from 1966 lays claim to be the first psychedelic rock album and is certainly the first to use the word ‘psychedelic’. Known for founder Tommy Hall’s use of the electric jug and Roky Erickson’s emotive singing of Hall’s poetic lyrics, the band influenced music as we know it, including material from legends such as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. As well as influencing a genre, the Elevators developed a culture based on mind-expansion through experimentation with psychoactive drugs in a US state that had particularly harsh laws on their recreational use, effectively making the band members psychedelic outlaws.

Following a 49-year hiatus, the cult psych band returned in 2015 for a performance at the annual psychedelic festival in their home city of Austin, Texas, which changed its name in commemoration: from Austin Psych Fest to Levitation, a song from their second album ‘Easter Everywhere’. The event was recorded and will be released in 2019 by Charly Records in conjunction with International Artists.

This 2CD edition of ‘The Psychedelic Sounds of...’ is the ultimate deluxe edition of the album. Disc 1 is the original mono audio remastered in 2008 from the original vinyl. Disc 2 is the 1966 stereo audio remastered from the original 2-track master in 2009 by Paul Drummond and Andrew Thompson at Sound Performance and features the tracks in the band’s intended running order. Also included on the second disc are 5 ‘cold desk’ mixes made by Bob Sullivan during the band’s recording session, which provides a rare glimpse of the raw recordings before the band added echo and reverb.


CD 1:
You’re Gonna Miss Me
Roller Coaster
Splash 1
Don’t Fall Down
Fire Engine
Thru The Rhythm
You Don’t Know
Kingdom Of Heaven
Monkey Island
Tried To Hide

CD 2:
You Don’t Know (How Young You Are) (Mono Version)
Thru The Rhythm (Mono Version)
Monkey Island (Mono Version)
Roller Coaster (Stereo Version)
Fire Engine (Mono Version)
Reveberation (Mono Version)
Tried To Hide (Stereo Version)
You’re Gonna Miss Me (Stereo Version)
Splash 1 (Mono Version)
Don’t Fall Down (Mono Version)
Kingdom Of Heaven (Mono Version)
Fire Engine (Original Stereo Version)
Monkey Island (Original Stereo Version)
Roller Coaster (Original Stereo Version)
Thru The Rhythm (Original Stereo Version)
Tried To Hide (Original Stereo Version) 

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