Melody (Remastered)

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Record Label
Best Italy

About this item

Sizzling reissue tackle here from Best Italy, who furnish us with an official remastered limited edition of 1983's most sought after Italo-Disco bomb. A one off studio project featuring Belen Thomas on vocals. Built on a slinky bassline from none other than a Roland TB-303, "Melody" is one of those weird Euro-pop pearls which went over wonderfully in Chicago's nascent house scene. Not only do we get the dance floor majesty of the original mix, but we also get an unreleased dub version which teases and pleases in equal measure. Over on the B-side we get the equally adored "Stop Fantasy", a sugary female vocal groover along the lines of "Just An Illusion" but with a little more sass.


A1. Melody
A2. Melody (dub)
B1. Stop Fantasy

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