Afrodesia Episode One

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Best Italy

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After a whopping 66 releases since their rebirth a few years back, Best Records finally hit us with an EP of brand new and unreleased music. Born out of a close collaboration between Periodica and Best Italy, Afrodesia is a fresh studio project from Mystic Jungle & Whodamanny, who took inspiration from the Italian Afro-movement that lasted for few years during mid-eighties, particularly those songs produced at the legendary Les Folies Studios in Milan. Sticking on brand then, Afrodesia deliver Balearic, boogie, Afro and cosmic moods with maximal use of vintage synths and drum machines programmed and played by Dario Di Pace and Raffaele Arcella. The sound is rounded out with real acoustic instruments from Giulio Neri (Tenor Saxophone and vocals), Andrea Farias (Guitar), Davide Di Sauro (Bass) and the late George Aghedo (Percussion).


Patrick says: This is pretty much as close to my dream record as you could get - Nuovo Neapolitan boogie team Mystic Jungle & Whodamanny, teaming up with a crack team of session stars to resurrect the Afro-cosmic sound of Milan's Les Folies. Deep and groovy, dope and dubby and primed for your next cosmic set, this one's the bees' knees.


A1. Deep Down In Zanzibar
A2. Desert Storm
B1. Meet In Tunis
B2. Orion Beat

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