Black Spuma

Crunch Level EP

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Futureboogie Recordings

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Black Spuma, otherwise known as Phillip Lauer and Fabrizio Mammarella, come correct with a new EP of enchanted grooves for one of our favourite labels here at Picc HQ, Futureboogie.

Title track "Crunch Level’, is a throbbing, pulsating, bit-crunching beast of a track, a full mind and body workout that evokes the darker shades of early acid and new beat. "Agguato" also packs a punch, with drums so big that Stock, Aitken & Waterman would most definitely approve, whilst a waves of hedonistic tones cut through feint melodicas and space invader tropes for a mind melting moment.

Never to end on a whimper, "Adamantine" goes out with a bang, with an ecstatically buoyant rhythm section and glacial melodies that’ll be transporting you back to the bright neon lights and dry ice of some long forgotten 80’s sweatbox.


Matt says: Slightly tougher than other releases on the label, "Crunch Level EP" meets somewhere between '89 Chicago and '92 Belgium. A symposium of pitched vox, gated drums, analogue basslines and nagging 303s. Ace.


A1. Crunch Level
B1. Agguato
B2. Adamantine

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