Lord Of The Basics EP

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Versatile boss and one half of Château Flight, Gilb'R selects 8 tracks from his catalogue of sonic entheogens. Conjured up in Amsterdam where he has been living for the past 5 years, and a macro hologram of Gilb'R's mind; it explores many moods from tribal to sentient and back through humanoid expression. Many paths have led us to our current hybridized world, and there's no better soundsmith than Gilb'R to highlight the merger of organic, spiritual and cybernetic in our crazy times. We love it, you will too!


Matt says: Synthesized sonic rituals for the sound shamans and techno wizards out there as head sorceror Gil'r opens up his spellbook.


A1. Entrez!
A2. Nouvel Horizon
A3. Jah, Il Sait
A4. No Time Is The Right Time
B1. Whats My Name?
B2. Lord Of The Basics
B3. Le Zouk Du Crepsule
B4. For(ever) Zdar

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