Carl Gari / Abdullah Miniawy

Whities 023

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Dark, coldwave soundscapes with eastern prayer rituals decorate the latest Whities releases as the Carl Gari meets Abdullah Miniawy for a collision in industrialized electronics and Arabic spiritual music...

A electro-religious hymnal made up of eight verses, it sources some of Gari's most stark, bleak and arresting soundscapes and marries it to Miniawy's unique, expressive Adhaan. Ultimately, the juxtaposition between synthetic and divine becomes blurred, allowing each, seemingly disparate element, chance at interacting with the other; a possibility only really achieved in more recent timeframes.

The results are, unsurprisingly, completely outstanding and sound like nothing else on this planet. Tension-wrought, otherworldly and containing a burning internal fire, this is a truly enveloping, all-encompassing listen and highly recommended by us all here at Picc HQ. 


Sil says: Whities, the label that does not want to be categorized, releases another essential 12". This time looking directly to the east for inspiration producing 4 cuts of hypnotic / abstract downtempo bombs. Enjoy!


1. Zawaj
2. A'laj
3. Zyaj
4. Haj
5. B'aj
6. Hela

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