Krystal Klear

Euphoric Dreams

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Running Back

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New York-based Irishman Dec Lennon aka Krystal Klear had a massive year in 2018, with the disco epic "Neutron Dance" and the terrific "Club Studies EP" on Hot Haus Recs. Now, the Cold Tonic boss returns to Running Back with his electrifying new trip by the name of "Euphoric Dreams" which is a fitting title for this evocative and neon-lit dancefloor burner which calls to mind the best of the golden era that was the '80s. He goes deeper into the night on the flip with "Miyoki"; a delightful boogie-down number which boasts of shimmering arpeggios, steely drum computers and an all-round vintage flair - the kid's still got it! 


Sil says: This is your soundtrack for your very positive and forward thinking lifestyle! You know... the pseudo hippie bull sold to the herd on the gram and similar media. The possibilities are endless, follow your dream, take that chance, live to the fullest, blah blah blah. Add to it couple of good pills, coke or amphetamine and you are in heaven! You will be floating in the realms of Euphoric Dreams.


Side 1
1. Euphoric Dreams (7:14)
Side 2
1. Miyoki (6:46)

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