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Founded in 2015, Déjà Vega toured the circuits of their neighbouring towns before finding a home away from home in the Manchester underground scene. Having opened Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia last year to nationwide acclaim, they have played live across the country, honing their sound and song writing abilities, becoming stronger with every rotation. Comprised of eleven tracks we begin the experience with ‘Telephone Voice’, which is a song of two parts. It begins with a pacey beat and racy vocals before commencing into characteristic empowered vocals and a complex mix of musical elements. ‘Eyes of Steel’ has been circulating in their live set and is a real foot tapper with its ridiculously catchy beat and infectious riff. The vocal harmony lends itself perfectly to the music. ‘Mr. Powder’ uses bass runs to emphasis the melody and continues the catchy countenance being created. ‘Chasing’ opens with a funk bassline and channels the finest sixties vibes which are certain to appeal to a wide audience. ‘Von Gazen’ utilises fuzzy guitar effects whilst offering a slower, more harmonic tempo. ‘Friends in High Places’ reverts back to more traditional rock sounds, with a hearty rhythm section.

This track focuses for the first time on the guitar riff as oppose to the groove created by the beat. ‘Pentagrams’ is a fan favourite with its fast tempo, drum embellishments and repetition. The chorus is where this track comes of age with evocative lyrics and a drive which pushes the track on. ‘The Ballad of Alfred Hitchcock’ opens with a child’s voice sound bite, has a charming bass/vocal interplay mid song before a plucky guitar finish. ‘Sound of Speed’ and ‘Seeing Double’ offer the juxtaposition of a pacey tempo and upbeat feel versus a slower, melodic number which seems out of place but serves to show the talent of these musicians.

To conclude, we have ‘The Test’, a track that has become synonymous with their live sets due its pace and use of a strobe light. The twangy guitar riff draws focus, yet the vocals take prominence with their sheer intensity. Déjà Vega set the bar high for themselves with the intensity of their live shows and so this album is eagerly anticipated. It will not disappoint. If you didn’t know this band before, they may just become your new favourites


1.Telephone Voice
2. Eyes Of Steel
3. Mr. Powder
4. Chasing
5. Vor Gazen
6. Friends In High Places
7. Pentagrams
8. The Ballad Of Alfred Hitchcock
9. Sound Of Speed
10. Seeing Double
11. The Test 

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