Crypt Witch

Bad Trip Exorcism

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Record Label
Deep Distance

About this item

After a busy 2019 with Polytechnic Youth, it’s sister label has been somewhat neglected of late. So, it is with great pleasure that Deep Distance returns to the fray for what could just be it’s only release this calendar year. And man, what a curveball this one is… Better known for it’s kosmische / kraut grooves from the likes of Cosmic Ground, ZOFFF, Cavern of Anti-Matter and Eat Lights Become Lights; Deep Distance takes an unexpected venture by turning to German based CRYPT WITCH for the vinyl version of their debut full length “Bad Trip Exorcism”.

Unexpected in so much as Crypt Witch offer up heavy instrumental stoner / doom jams. Super heavy hypnotic riffs that tip their hat at one moment to some of the drawn out, riffier Spacemen 3 live bootleg jams whilst maintaining an equal footing in prime Sabbath territory. These are whacked out stoner jams of the highest order. The CD sold out instantly and this vinyl version (complete with numbered poster insert) is keenly anticipated and will sell out pretty swiftly upon release….

“In a dark crypt, at the bloody altar, with the shimmering candles, one priest performs an exorcism rite. With the help of a magic spell book written in the blood of a young virgin, supported by a large portion of marijuana and a huge guitar in his hands, he expels the spirits tormenting the people. Hypnotizing drums are put into trance, reveal the darkest corners of the subconscious. At their call, evil spirits are led and climb out of their holes. They cannot resist the weight of the guitar and disappear in its slow and heavy sound. And if you are harassed by evil spirits, it is time to listen to the album "Bad Trip Exorcism" and to conduct your own exorcism”

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