Cannon & Mirrorball

Black Rhythm Rap

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Disco Bits

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More cut n paste action aimed straight at late nite dancefloors from the Disco Bits mob...

The mysterious mischief makers Cannon & Mirrorball are back with another slice of sample-heavy dancefloor madness for ya'll with the A side cut featuring feverish disco breaks, strings, cowbells & crowd noise before some brass emits a classic night club ear-worm which for the life of my I can't quite remember the name off!

"Makin' Time" mixes snips of "Love Sensation"'s acapela over a killer disco groove that again, escapes my eagle ear but I do know that it's also been heavily sampled by Eros!

Well, I didn't do very well there did I? Nevermind, just grab the record, stick it ont deck and see if you score better! Failing that, shake that shit till kingdom come - you won't be sorry! 


A. Black Rhythm Rap
B. Makin' Time

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