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Osmin Uratoma

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ESP Institute

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Lemmi Ash is a Swedish duo comprised of producers Samo and Martinou, and their debut EP with ESP Institute, 'Osmin Uratoma', has been a long time coming. Samo has been a friend of the family since prior to the institute’s inception - dropping in on the guys in NYC, occasionally as a guest DJ at The Stallions’ residency in Chinatown - and ever since those halcyon days in the late Noughties, ESP have been slowly circling a moving target, poking at his potential contribution to the label. It wasn’t until recently, when fellow Stockholm depth-charger Martinou stepped into the picture, that stars finally aligned and Lemmi Ash was born. Now a steadily growing lovechild, the collaboration displays a finely balanced ratio of the duo’s DNA, complimentary in both aesthetic and character. Across four seemingly disparate tracks, we can sense Samo’s penchant for Dub is subliminally leading the way - from minimal organ stabs and off-kilter hi-hats on the relentlessly pounding 'Apsu', to the hybrid-Dancehall rhythm box and hazy familiar vocal snippets on the late night stormer 'To Dare Is To Do' - while Martinou’s masterful brush is a bit more broad and subtle, shifting the shape of Lemmi’s arsenal into a deep and ethereal Techno head-space full of warm pads, softened percussion and sub bass on both the iconic 'Lemmie Ash Theme' and the EP’s melancholy closer, 'Horror Vacui'. The artists explain that this music was “made with birds in mind” - a somewhat poetic and abstract notion which (to us) symbolizes their stoned veil of indifference, a carefree fluidity of influences, and an ease of traversing stylistic positions — alluding to the rewards of an effortless and non-compulsory collaboration, a genuine creative simpatico.


Sil says: This one is for the techno heads out there! It includes the US smash hit 'Apsu' with its mega cool and mega retro hi-hats. Yeah!


A1. Lemmi Ash Theme
A2. Apsu
B1. To Dare Is To Do
B2. Horror Vacui

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