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Debut album by NAFF co-founder Priori. "On a Nimbus" brings you to the heart of the network. It's frenetic and weightless, bleepy and essentially NAFF at its very core.

Ghosts of Detroit techno collide with subs and breakbeats of UK jungle across two discs of incredibly detailed and sympathetic dance music. All the classic instruments, sounds and patches are present and correct but Prior adds fresh new spin and patina on these well established dancefloor building blocks, resulting in an LP which though accessible and warming to the ear, pushes things forward enough to keep those with a penchant for future technologies more than happy. Recommended! 


Sil says: Very very gentle and soothing deep house and ambient tracks in this resoundingly good EP. My choice of the week. Make it yours!


A1. 2see
A2. Creative Lizard
A3. Dreams Of A Digital Sublime
B1. Tech Ne
B2. Critter
B3. On A Nimbus
C1. 6 Thematic
C2. Afterburn
D1. 4 See
D2. Ee-POH-ne
D3. Ani Ma

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