Romaal Kultan

Off Grid

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YAM Records

About this item

Romaal Kultan is a new producer / DJ who we think is based here in the UK, possibly London but we're not 100% sure. This is his first record and there's a distinctly UK thread throughout the 12". From the broken drum machine workout on "Isit" and the acid bassline on "New Levels" to the jungle-influenced programming on "High And Mighty" and final track "Turnin'". Romaal seems able and inspired to create modern compositions steeped in that classic streetwise demeanor - dusty, crackly breaks permeated with flurries of musicality and the odd casual nod to the warehouse cru.

Suave, ultra-slick and tastefully understated, expect lovers of breakbeats to come flocking when this one drops! One for the B-boys...


A1. Isit
A2. New Levels W/ Cypriano
B1. High And Mighty
B2. Turnin’ W/ Lightfoot 

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