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Between Worlds

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Deeptrax Records

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Of indisputable +313 vintage, Scan 7, with deep roots in the rich musical heritage of Detroit techno, drop their new triple vinyl album since 20 years on Deeptrax Records!

Scan 7,closely related to Underground Resistance, forms a mysterious Detroit underground collective and with this triple album, the enigmatic outfit raises the flag for Motor City techno once more!

Metroplex-era electro, rushing orchestral techno, deep Detroit house and galactic funk aplenty, it instantly harks back to that 'classic' Detroit-patented sound. Starting with the energizing flurry of "Stringing me along" with thick Deja-Vu UR / DJ Rolando flashes, towards the political tinged new electro monster "It's time" and from Berghain / Tresor-influenced bangers like "I'm Covered" with the frightening words 'no weapons formed against me shall prosper' until deep vibin' floating house sounds close off the EP with a more organic palette and relaxed tempos.

Fun fact!: SCAN 7`s name originates from the word DETROIT, which consists of 7 letters, and its area code, 313 (which, added up, equals 7)!


Matt says: Bang! Fresh-as-u-like, Dee-troit patented alchemy here from master sorcerors Scan 7 who herald a new age for Motor City techno. You need this!


A1. Stringin Me Along
A2. No Place Like Home
A3. A Wonder Of Space
B1. It's Time
B2. Cream Dreams
C1. I'm Covered
C2. Moments Like This
D1. As Above So Below
D2. Trackmasta Hoop
E1. Electronic Evidence
E2. Smooth Scan
F1. Deep Roots
F2. Shadow Spirit

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