Ana Mazzotti

Ana Mazzotti

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Far Out Recordings

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In 1977, Mazzotti took her debut album back to the studio, releasing the album with a new running order and new ethereal cover art, ostensibly another crack at commercial success following the small scale of the independently funded first release.

With intimately re-recorded vocals, and the bonus of gorgeous horn arrangements and a new track: the carnivalesque ‘Eta, Samba Bom’, replacing Roberta Flack’s hit ‘Feel Like Making Love’, Ana Mazzotti (1977) delivers Mazzotti’s refreshingly cool musical style even more effortlessly, while retaining the all magical energy of her debut.


Agora Ou Nunca Mais
Canto De Medita O
Cord O
Em Acalanto
Eta, Samba Bom
De Um Jeito So
Bairro Negro
Roda Mundo
Sou Mais Eu

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