Cosmo Vitelli

Un Episode Psychotique EP - Inc. GOTT Remix

Image of Cosmo Vitelli - Un Episode Psychotique EP - Inc. GOTT Remix
Record Label
Les Disques De La Mort

About this item

It has been a long time coming, LDDLM is more than happy to welcome a house friend, Cosmo Vitelli.

This EP is a complement to the recent (and forthcoming) Malka Tuti releases, coherent fragments of a creative year. If Cosmo is known for his wavey-krautey (I have no other words) productions going back to the Bot’ox days, he also has a meaner side.The aptly titled “Un Episode Psychotique” is disco gone wrong, italo with neurosis, straying from polished clichés, musical yet strangely anxiogen.It is turned into an Eighties monster by GOTT aka Sneaker and Scannoir. Their Creatio Instrumentalis is a cold funk monster and their Creatio Continualis amps up the EBM factor.

How does one translate Giallo in Croat? “Tisja” may answer the question, the spoken words of Tanja Vežić burning through the celluloid.

Finally, “The Shy Dictator” is like an early Chemical Brothers breakbeat monster, powerful yet psychedelic, canalised fury of bells and drums.


A1. Un Episode Psychotique
A2. Tisja Feat. Tanja Vežić
B1. The Shy Dictator
B2. Un Episode Psychotique (GOTT Creatio Instrumentalis)

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