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The second ever 12” from LCD Soundsystem is repressed here, sleeved in the original artwork from the 2003 UK edition. Following up the incredible "Losing My Edge" was always going to be a bit tricky, but LCD Soundsystem made a brilliant job of it with these two epic versions of "Yeah". The 'Crass' mix starts off all loose and punk-funk, with a bassline not dissimilar to Delta 5's "Mind Your Own Business", before slowly building with electronic key riffs, percussion etc into a full on disco-not-disco freak-out. The 'Pretentious' version is instrumental and has more of a dubbed-out feel. Wow!


Patrick says: Were you there? I was THERE when LCD released their second single - NYC Disco-not-disco laced with Detroit techno, ear bleed resonance and cool AF lyrics. YEAH!


Yeah (Crass Version)
Yeah (Pretentious Version)

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