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Featuring 13 new tracks, ‘The Salad Way’ sees a band reborn and on top form. 'Under The Wrapping The Paper' is the first single and comes at you like a relentless post-punk stream of consciousness with a cheeky Motown beat. Marijne’s ‘conversational’ vocals are marinated with searing guitars and throbbing bass, with some impressionistic piano occasionally creeping in and out, from under the wrapping paper, of course.

Salad were formed in London, England in 1992 by Marijne van der Vlugt, Paul Kennedy, Pete Brown and Rob Wakeman. They released their hit debut album 'Drink Me' in 1995 featuring singles Drink the Elixir and Motorbike to Heaven. Follow up 'Ice Cream' (1997) was produced by Donald Ross Skinner, with Charley Stone joining as a live member in 1996. The original Salad parted ways in 1998 but made friends and returned in 2017 after Paul and Marijne started writing together again in 2016 and recorded an album with Donald under the name Salad Undressed. The current line-up of Salad is: Marijne van der Vlugt (vocs/keyboards), Paul Kennedy (gtr/vocs), Pete Brown (bass), Charley Stone (gtr/vocs), Donald Ross Skinner (drums).


A1. You Got The Job
A2. In The Dark
A3. Details
A4. Your Face
A5. Vadim's Slipper
A6. Merryland
A7. Welcome To My World
B1. Don’t Expect Things Not To Be Scary
B2. Under The Wrapping Paper
B3. The Inside Of My Head
B4. Wayward Thinking
B5. Lovesick Energy
B6. Time To Escape

1. You Got The Job
2. In The Dark
3. Details
4. Your Face
5. Vadim's Slipper
6. Merryland
7. Welcome To My World
8. Don’t Expect Things Not To Be Scary
9. Under The Wrapping Paper
10. The Inside Of My Head
11. Wayward Thinking
12. Lovesick Energy
13. Time To Escape

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