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Collaborators on album number 2 from Paranoid London include MutadoPintado (Warmduscher), Alan Vega & Arthur Baker, Simon Topping (A Certain Ratio), JoshCaffe& Bubbles Bubblesynski. A mix of freaky vocal tracks & hard as nails instrumentals we carry on where the first album left off. Josh Caffe provides sweat soaked emotion like a true House original. MutadoPintado& Alan Vega bring the weirdness. Simon Topping & Bubbles Bubblesynski dead pan their way through strobe lit acid tracks. The rest of the album is made up of the kind instrumentals that only Paranoid London would have the balls to put out. Stripped back to the bare essentials for dancefloors, every element performing a vital role there is even one track that is so brutal & parred down that it’s made using only the 808 drum machine.


1. Starting Fights
2. The Boombox Affair
3. Nobody Watching (Album Edit)
4. The Music
5. Angel Of Hell (Album Edit)
6. Drum Machine (Album Edit)
7. Blue-Ish (Album Edit)
8. Cult Hero (Do You Wanna Touch Me) (Album Edit)
9. Sly Is Watching (Album Edit)
10. (Vi-Vi) Vicious Games (Album Edit)

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