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Roman producer, DJ and label head Marco Passarani’s rich catalogue of releases fuse techno, boogie & electro-disco into unique, tantalizing and evocative soundscapes. So much so he's become a favoured producer here in the shop with releases spanning a wide range of labels - from Running Back & Numbers more recently, to Peacefrog and even Skam in previous years. Here, on a new label we suspect he might be involved in, we get four tracks that perfectly exhibit the producer's unique flair. “6489 Golevka” kicks us off with a typically hi-nrg synth line bursting through classic drum machines before a big gliding B-line sweeps in.

"Mesosiderite" begins with dreamy 16-bit arpeggios spiraling around angelic pads for a celestial ascension into starlit skies before unfurling itself into cosmic house territory.

"Exit Velocity" shows off those spine-tingling chord progressions and synthlines that make Passarani's tracks so suited for peak time play, without ever being too fierce or aggressive.

Final track, "Roche Limited" shows Marco harness the wild energy of the 303 & 909 with expert precision, taming both beasts jussst enough to be play with other humans whilst never losing their bite or identity.

Mega stuff as always from this man...


A1. 6489 Golevka
A2. Mesosiderite
B1. Exit Velocity
B2. Roche Limit

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