Techfunkers The Album: Techfunk Is Where It's At (Vol 2)

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Second volume from this imperative re-issue series by DJ Duke aka Techfunkers, originally released in 1995.

Vol. 2 features three more tracks from the album, remastered and sounding ultra crisp.

"Da Bomb" is a groovy, concentric, early doors number; with flanging stabs skipping across a rotary Chi-town beat peppered with electronic cowbell and a phased breakbeat.

"Moon Light" deploys wet hats and wetter snare flaps for a submarine dive into the depths of celestial house goodness. Two, wonderful, winding synth brass & synth flute lines decorate the track as the aquatic groove rudders on and on - dreamy AF and yet totally danceable - mega!

"Sunlight" is equally fathoms deep, but undampens the perc section for more direct hitting drums. Goosebump inducing leads slowly converge of rippling arps and warm pads, making for that perfect moment of next-day unity; pick your crew and embrace each in the glorious "Sunlight"!


Matt says: Second installment of this mind-blowing Techfunkers LP. They've split up the original 1995 release into three volumes, giving each track much more length (and therefore fidelity) on the wax - these Chi-town rollers sound grrrrreat!


A1. Da Bomb
B1. Moon Light
B2. Sunlight

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