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Nathan Micay follows up his huge, surprise hit LP of the year, "Blue Spring" with an equally amazing EP, "Butterfly Arcane".

According to Micay the EP continues to utilize "Blue Spring"'s beautifully crafted palette of beguiling electronic textures and rhythms, inducing a magic sense of novelty through their unique frequencies.

"I'm Your Huckleberry" is a surging flood of endorphins, with captivating proggy peaks and troughs akin to classic era Underworld and Leftfield, but with inventive new twists Four Tet and Daniel Avery.

The melodic, "This'll Tell The Tale" evokes a 6am lazer vortex, whilst "Did U Know I Cannot Die" is part DJ tool and part crystalline ambience that floats somewhere between Tangerine Dream and Vangelis.

Already a massive worldwide anthem, "The Party We Could Have Had" epitomises Micay’s ability to breathe new life into the early / mid 90s purple patch where prog, trance, electronica and techno blurred beautifully together.

The EP offers all those fans who weren’t able to grab Micay’s now highly-sought-after Manga inspired comic that came with the special edition of the album another chance, as an updated version will be available with this release, with an added foreword by music theorist / technologist and Holly Herndon collaborator Mat Dryhurst.

A new star on our shelves for fans of electronic music... now, when are one of our city's promotors gonna book him for a show?!



Matt says: Follow up to surprise-hit-of-2019: "Blue Spring" and equally as stimulating. Micay is the real deal. Would love to see this guy live, if you're reading Nathan get in touch!


A1. I'm Your Huckleberry
A2. This'll Tell The Tale
B1. Did U Know I Cannot Die
B2. The Party We Could Have

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