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Live At Third Man Records

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Third Man Records

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Iron & Wine performed and recorded an absolutely captivating live set of songs in the Blue Room venue at Third Man Records in Nashville. Armed with spartan set-up of a guitar, microphone and his minimal backing band in front of a soldout audience, Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam ambled through his discography, on touchstones like Naked As We Came from classic album Our Endless Numbered Days, The Trapeze Swinger from Around the Well and Winter Prayers from Ghost on Ghost. It was a heartfelt experience without sacrificing any charm, personality or gestalt crowd connection.


1. The Trapeze Swinger
2. The Desert Babbler
3. Wolves (Song Of The Shepherd's Dogs)
4. Monkeys Uptown
5. Sodom, South Georgia
6. Southern Anthem
7. Call Your Boys
8. Winter Prayers
9. Song In Stone
10. Naked As We Came

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