The Appleseed Cast

The Fleeting Light Of Impermanence

Image of The Appleseed Cast - The Fleeting Light Of Impermanence

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Considered to be one of the titans in the original second wave of emo bands, TheAppleseed Cast rose to the spotlight in the late 90's and early to mid 2000's, with a string albums, including Low Level Owl I & II, and non-stop touring, earning them high critical praise and a loyal following. Their influence can be heard in countless contemporary bands such as Chvrches - whose lead singer is a self-proclaimed super fan, Basement, Mewithoutyou and so many more.

While fanship continues to grow with each new incarnation from the band, time between albums has also grown a bit over the last 10 years. Despite lineup changes or time between, Crisci is still focused, as much as ever, on touring and continuing to produce the innovative landscape of music the band is known for.

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