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Private Lesson is a project from Los Angeles comprised of Damon Palermo (Magic Touch) & Nick Malkin (Afterhours / Post Geography / La Vampires / Sun Araw). Featuring contributions from Takako Minekawa, Sam Eaton,Gabriel Schuman, it's a leftfield dream pop opus of four star-gazing original tracks.

"Erotique" kicks us off with a hazy n refracted post-vapourwave groove full of rattling perc echoes and pluming, undulating waves of decadence. "Digital Native" ups the tempo and energy to a gentle canter, tropical licks skirting over a funky breakbeat and further garnered by a childlike vocal delivery from Minekawa , who also decorated "Highland" with an equally amazing vocal part. This sublime pop for the dreamers - full of heart-wrenching piano chords and a magnetic, compassionate internal force. So good.

There's time for another instrumental, "Rooftop Garden" the kind of sun blushed boogie-house hybrid you might find on PPU or Superior Elevation or even one of the Vancouver stables - coastal keys, reverb drenched vox, marimba lines and yet another vintage breakbeat coalesce into a peaky moment of late afternoon bliss - you'll need to pack a change of T-shirt!!

Highly, highly recommended stuff here!


Matt says: Amazingly dream-pop / Balearic excursions here from a crew you'd expect nothing less from. With a slight vapourwave slant to proceedings it shimmers in the LA sunshine with an on-trend pinache. Mega.


A1. Erotique
A2. Digital Native (Feat Takako Minekawa)
B1. Rooftop Garden
B2. Highland (Feat Takako Minekawa)

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