Cloud Over Maroma

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Maroma was there long before the Moors. The Moors were there long before man landed on the moon half a century ago. Drum machines meant you didn’t have to take Ginger Baker our for a drink. Life takes on sublime logic. In retrospect, everything takes on a new meaning from a different perspective. The past is the future. From Glasgow to Edinburgh to Andalucia. This music is about a small journey, an aural triptych of sounds


1. Breathe
2. Cloud Over Maroma
3. Lost Time
4. Embers
5. Flute Dance
6. Kazimierz
7. Cast Reflections
8. Star Chamber
9. Endless Road
10. Mezquita (part 2)
11. Birdsong For The Birds
12. Want Of Anger
13. Ritual

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