Secret Squirrel

No. 22

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Secret Squirrels

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Two little ducks and one covert rodent as Secret Squirrels unleash their 22nd release, a latin lover which gets you by the disco balls. Caliente!
The A-side marries a shuffling house 4/4 and boosted bassline with a fiery bit of latin jazz, chopping up cha cha and party vox and letting loose with a breezy bit of vibraphone. The result is a MAW powerhouse which all about the Body & Soul...
Over on the other side we get a fine rework of Joe Bataan's cry for South American unity, "Mestizo". The result is a boogie tinged disco winner with soulful vocals, a swooning vocal and great synthwork, not a million miles away from "Ma Quale Idea", but a little more conscious.


Sil says: Those pesky squirrels! While most of the species stocks up on nuts, our mischievous rodents are back at it again, mining the outer recesses of disco, cosmic and tropical grooves for another of their trademark double-headers.



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