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Between a secluded cabin sanctuary, tucked away in the vast the stillness of Topanga Canyon, California, and a remote 18th century finca on the Balearic island of Mallorca, Spain, Bato Bato's debut album was patiently guided into being.
Three years writing and recording between these two locations brought the group's collaborators - Julian Smith and Henrik Jakobsson, with Balearic legend Nestor Casas Oche on trumpet - to their most natural sound conclusion. The music of Bato Bato does not just reflect its organic sound habitats; it absorbs them - the duo set up studio and outdoor field sessions capturing various local environments including percussive field recordings and ambient cave sounds. The album is an exploration in sound somewhere between the influence of exotica, psych, and dub - metered with latin / afro rhythms merged with experimental studio process and mixing.


1. Son Castello
2. Luna De Escape La Luz
3. Sendero De La Carded Decente
4. Escakar La Pared De La Cueva
5. Iluminacion De Las Antorchas
6. Entrado En La Boveda
7. Albores De La Medianoche
8. Realizacion De Intentions
9. Subterraneo
10. Frustrado Por El Sol
11. Partiendo El Pan
12. Completa (Night Sky Compass Mix)

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