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Ten Feet Tall

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Best Seven

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Two remixes of long-serving New Zealand outfit Fat Freddy's Drop. "Ten Feet Tall", found of the band's 2015 album "Bays".

Eva Be and Cle aka LoYoTo from Berlin contribute the first remix: a deep house / techno affair which adds flurries of tape delay to both the vocal and percussion tracks whilst molding the whole thing towards are propulsive 4/4 dynamic.

Winnie & Somow's version occupies the flip; another 4/4 outing but this time the palette is much more natural and organic, with a live and vibrant percussion section, a picked guitar line and lapping congas. It's the rooted B-line that'll keep the floor busy though, a rock solid foundation for all the other elements to dance around... nice!


Sil says: Fat Freddy's Drop classic 'Ten Feet Tall' being reworked smoothly and solidly with the DJ in mind. Now fully curated for the dancefloor and with enough oomph to not disappoint any of your punters. Top draw, top notch, top everything!


A1. Ten Feet Tall (Loyoto Remix)
B1. Ten Feet Tall (Winnie & Somow Remix)

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