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Mancunian electronic music pioneers 808 State are return with "Transmission Suite", their first new album since 2002. Recorded in the former nerve centre of the Granada broadcasting empire in Manchester’s City Centre, some of its tracks are haunted by their home city’s industrial past – and, for that matter, the influence of classic Detroit techno - but the whole thing stays true to the band’s career-long focus on what comes next. 'We’re trying to make a future for other people to immerse themselves in,' says Graham Massey. 'That’s always been a big part of 808 State: these kind of landscapes of futurism.'

Sonically, long term fans are definitely not gonna be disappointed as the firm gaze forward across a wide range of futuro-stylings. The aforementioned Detroitian tech rears its beastly head, while UK-centric bass hybrids and unfathomably hi-tech glitch styles (a la AFX, Boards, Seefeel etc) are explored and showcased by the band in exquisite yet comprehendible form. They not lost any of their impetus, crucial.


Barry says: Having proven to be one of the most enduring and forward thinking acts of the last 30 years, 808 state show us exactly why on the blistering 'Transmission Suite'. A perfect mix of old-world electronics and timbres and crisp, modern production techniques make this one of their most direct and propulsive outings yet. Unmissable.


Tokyo Tokyo
Cannonball Waltz
The Ludwig Question
Angol Argol
Bushy Bushy
13 13
Crab Claw

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