A Bridge Between Lovers

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Second Circle

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After securing a permanent place in my record box with his 2017 debut "Don't Get Me Wrong", Dazion returns with a second release on Second Circle.
Last time out he cart wheeled between arcade zouk, tropical electro and cosmic digidub, and he continues his genre-blending antics here, often combining contrasting styles in a single track.
Sultry opener "Eu Nao Sei" sees Portuguese balladry (provided by guest vocalist Paulo) snuggle into delicate Balearic pads while an undulating acid line rolls along underneath, at once tropical pop, deep house and sunset Balearica. From there the Den Haag multi-instrumentalist gets creative with Farilight synth vox, digital mallets and Alesis beats on weirdo-groover "Eberhardt Smurkface", before locking into the strange but seductive City Pop of "Sake Boogie City", an optimistic number which could be mistaken for a lost YMO B-side. The atmospheric, evocative and ethnomusical "Bond Of Souls" hastens us towards the snake hipped shuffle of penultimate track "A Bridge Between Lovers", a Yamaha bossa decorated with wood blocks, Indonesian flute and Spanish guitar, all of which is processed by an ailing sampler to achieve the right synthetic patina. Finally "Dad Forgot The Dishes 5-38" delivers a slo-mo freestyle drum program, augmented with castanets and clacking woodblocks, squirming boogie bass and killer marimba refrain, mostly wrought out of the Yamaha cx5m. A fine finale to this ace EP, this bad mama jamma is currently tickling the pickle of 80% of shop staff (shame on the rest...)


Patrick says: Dazion instantly found his own corner of the dancefloor with his 2017 debut, and now the Dutch musician is back on Second Circle to fuck up the game all over again. Fusing organic and synthetic while playing fast and loose with genre confines, Dazion delivers six blasts of retro-futurist DJ delight perfect for Balearic beards, disco weirdos, house outsiders and plain old hardware nerds.


Eu Nao Sei
Eberhardt Smurkface
Sake Boogie City
Bond Of Souls
A Bridge Between Lovers
Dad Forgot The Dishes 5-38

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