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Dorisk Ordning

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After a two year hiatus, Fasaan return with an EP from the local one-man-band that is Inre Kretsen Grupp. Gems of carefully melted down new wave, dub, aor and boogie sit confidently together on this EP which marks the debut of keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Martin Blomberg. 
We're in a future primitive dream on opener "Loggia", as an exotic new age dancers unwinds at boogie pace over a steady drum box rhythm. Marimbas, funky hooks and digi-pan pipes brim with tropical warmth and lead perfectly onto the humid dub of "Campo Santo" and its echo drenched guitar licks. Over on the flip, the titular "Dorisk Ordning" drifts through new wave, dub and chamber pop like a lost Vini Reilly collab brought back to life by Stroom. Finally "Dubbad Dougong" nails that coastal dub sound we adore at Piccadilly, calling to mind Domenique Dumont, Peaking Lights or A Vision Of Panorama. 


Patrick says: Finally Fasaan are back! The label's 12th release is the first for one man band the Inre Kretsen Grupp, who displays a mastery of melody, drum programming and production across four dreamy downbeat jams brimming with dub, wave and Balearic flavours.


A1. Loggia
A2. Campo Santo
B1. Dorisk Ordning
B2. Dubbad Dougong

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