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Taking My Shadow EP

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Dead Nature

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The debut Dead Nature EP very much rings the tone musically and emotionally for Tarek Musa’s first solo collection, a release that sees him breaking away from his indie-rock roots and propelling himself into the dreamy stratospheres orbited by Arcade Fire or The War On Drugs. Written at a crucial time in his prolific songwriting career, the EP finds Tarek reaching out to explore new corners of himself and his sonic capabilities as he sets foot upon a new and exciting path in the industry alone. Intrinsic, euphoric and fierce of delivery, the results alight an astounding spark of musical determination that throw open wide the possibilities for the future.

Designed as an escapist anthem of songs to break through the bind of any shackles that may hold you, the EP finds Tarek looking back on the relationships of yesterday with the wiser eyes he wears today. “My teenage years are all over this record” he says “it is definitely a record about escaping and leaving your past behind.” Unlike anything the artist has produced before, the EP is written for Tarek himself, a diary entry about life in his childhood home dusted-off and opened up for the world to hear. It’s a deserved moment of honest indulgence and intimate reflection that sits amidst a career of writing for the bigger picture.

As the winner of Self-Producing Artist of the Year at the Music Producer’s Guild Awards in 2017, logically the Taking My Shadow EP was written, recorded and produced by Tarek himself at his studio hideaway in Liverpool. A vivid and heartfelt listen, that reflects upon Musa’s anxieties, ambitions and hopes, the Taking My Shadow EP is a bold rebirth and a spellbinding debut release as Dead Nature. This is just the beginning.


1. Fire In Your Soul
2. In My Heart
3. Pride (Wake Them Up)
4. Rookwood

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