Fiddles & Twicks

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Record Label
Mad Habitat

About this item

Debuting on the freshly-minted Mad Habitat imprint, Greville’s EP is a bifurcated effort split between tranquil ambience, and hazy couch-locked house, with influences of each bleeding through and influencing each work in a stylistic osmosis. The sound palette blends crystalline synth patches, mimetic foley and field recordings in a playful spectrum of realism and synthesis; borne from the duality of always wanting to be in the studio while dreaming of the natural world outside it.


Matt says: Phwwooar! This is really summat. Aligning itself nicely with our 'rainforest house' section, whilst also appealing to lovers of that original Vancouver Riviera vibe, a new label and new artist to stick on your radar / watch list.


A1. 5:30
A2. AVG (Mew Mix)
A3. Brother Of Marbles
B1. Sveg+Birds+Trees
B2. Feel My Sun 

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