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Corpo Di Lavoro - Camille / Kai Alce Mixes

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Adeen Records' next installment comes from long-serving dance music maverick Alexander Robotnik. I'll never forget the time at Naive Melody when, having seen that most of the dancefloor had removed their shirts in a fit of sweat and euphoria, Alexander quickly and unashamedly removed his top too - a strong sign of danceloor alligance that was to stick with me forever. Basically, if your DJ doesn't go tops off along with the crowd, then he ain't no good!

Coming correct with BRAND NEW MATERIAL folks (!!!) "I Love My House" kicks things off with tuff drums and squelchy 303 bass for an analogue techno outing that snarls outta the speaker stacks. "You Have Time" also utilizes Roland's trust bassline generator, with a crowd pleasing remix from NDATL's own head honcho Kai Alce. The next is "Made In China," and our staffs favorite. While Camille's version of "You Have time" is a dark deep jazzy version in comparison to Kai's more clubby feel. The last track is the original version of the song by Alexander himself. Three original songs and 3 innovative producers, what's there not to love?


A1. I Love My House
A2. You Have Time
A3. Made In China (unreleased)
B1. You Have Time (Camille's Deal)
B2. You Have Time (Kai Alce NDATL Interpretation)

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