Newborn Jr.

World Museum EP - Inc. Yourhighness / Warehouse Preservation Society Remix

Image of Newborn Jr. - World Museum EP - Inc. Yourhighness / Warehouse Preservation Society Remix
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King Of Kong

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King Of Kong Records, a new venture of Artur8, Anton Klint & Edvin E. presents it’s new release, the “World Museum” EP - a modern classic from Newborn Jr.

Warsaw-based producer Adam Brocki released a string of collaborative records - with Earth Trax (Bartosz Kruczynski) for Phonica, Dopeness Galore, Echovolt and Rhythm Section, or as Private Press for Rekids and Indigo Area. His mature, carefully crafted sound, stripped yet powerful, now finds its place on King Of Kong.

“What What What” starts the EP off on a right foot: broken rhythm, clever voice snippets, cosmic pads and heavy bassline reminds of some archetypal Shake productions, off-kilter yet somehow infectious. “World Museum” rolls out relentlessly on a steady kickdrum, and again the backbone is held firmly by bass. Swirling noises come and go, adding a dash of melancholy into this club-ready tool. “NJ Public Pool” again sounds like a long-lost timeless classic, with just right amount of melody and irresistible party vibe. It’s accompanied by a moodier and denser remix from Warehouse Preservation Society (aka TK half of Split Secs and Tavish (ESP Institute)), a druggy chugger for late night and dark corners. Rounding off the EP, Yourhighness of Rollerboys & Cocktail D'Amore Records fame straightens the beat and pushes up the tempo of “What What What” to deliver a proper party stomper. A classic sound of two decades of dance music underground updated for here and now.


A1. What What What (Original)
A2. What What What (Yourhighness Wave Dub)
B1. World Museum (Original)
B2. NJ Public Pool (Original)
B3. NJ Public Pool (Warehouse Preservation Society Remix)

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