Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

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The English-Irish electronic/dance duo Moloko released their first album Do You Like My Tight Sweater? in 1995. It’s one of their most experimental records, before moving on to a more mainstream approach. Roisin Murphy is carrying the album with her versatile vocals, both in range and style, while Mark Brydon created the breakbeats, sound effects and groovy disco lines. This is electronica at its best, danceable and funky. The album includes their hits ““Fun for Me” and “Dominoid”, besides fan favourites like “Day for Night” and “Where Is the What If the What Is in Why?”. They never slow down in their exiting music and absurd lyrics, but that’s exactly what makes this record unforgettable. Pure joy to be danced on all night.


1. "Fun For Me" 
2. "Tight Sweater" 
3. "Day For Night" 
4. "I Can't Help Myself" 
5. "Circus" 
6. "Lotus Eaters" 
7. "On My Horsey" 
8. "Dominoid" 
9. "Party Weirdo" 
10. "Tubeliar" 
11. "Ho Humm" 
12. "Butterfly 747" 
13. "Dirty Monkey" 
14. "Killa Bunnies" 
15. "Boo" 
16. "Where Is The What If The What Is In Why?" 
17. "Who Shot The Go-Go Dancer?"

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