Black Moon

Buck Em Down

Image of Black Moon - Buck Em Down
Record Label
Wreck Records

About this item

Another Nervous rap nugget from da vaults! Black Moon's 'Buck em down' is an anthem! One of the few instances in hip-hop where the remix is almost as infamous as the OG version. Well, this is the OG version, finally on 7" - dirty version b/w Da Beatminerz instrumental. Filthy. Banging. Essential. Listening back to these jams is taking us back to the days of obsessively watching Yo! MTV Raps, BET, The Box and whatever else we could find on cable, pure memories, all caught up in that slamming Donald B loop, and those drums?! You can literally HEAR the grit flaking off of Evil Dee & Mr Walt's SP. Incredible. Word life.


A. Buck Em Down (Album Version)
B. Buck Em Down (Album Instrumental)

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