Wild Combination

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Let's Play House

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Midsummer joy from two long-time Glaswegian party-makers, James “Harri” Harrigan, a resident at the legendary Sub Club for over thirty years, once again crossing the aisle from DJ to producer after a ten-year hiatus, and Max Raskin, together known as Manakinz. The four tracks contained are saucy, sassy late-night bangers meant to keep you locked into a permanent groove hovering right around that 124-BPM sweet spot. "Lampaholics" kicks the party off with tumbling and tonking "Witch Doktor" style perx, endless airhorns and just enough disco sparkle to keep your inner diva happy while your masculine side headbutts the fucking bassbin. Next up "Tangerine Submarine" makes excellent use of an unfashionably gnarly bass sound, classic piano vamps and way too much echo to combine 30 years of house history into one floor filling timebomb. Flip it for the forcefield pulse of "Le Stoat", peak time power with a roving bassline, screaming vocal, three trillion volts and MORE COWBELL. The intensity drops slightly for finale "Hippy Bovril", but that's only so the tracks innate psychoactive power has room to work. All in all, this is sharp, punchy house oiled with groovy disco grease.


Matt says: Raw, loud and wobbly house music here with a big room mentality.


A1. Lampaholics
A2. Tangerine Submarine
B1. Le Stoat
B2. Hippy Bovri

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