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Love it when this happens. Completely un-hyped, none-reported, 100% certified BANGER landing fresh this week. Decius seems to be quietly becoming a cult member of the house music underground, his first four twelves all nearly sold out barring a few copies 2nd hand and slowly creeping up in re-sale value.

It's not wonder. This producer has c-l-a-s-s. Sticking nicely to the house tradition but injecting it with new energy, new flavours, and this new double A-side is no exception.

"Paradise" is THE Summer anthem you've been searching for but not finding. Understated and slack enough to withstand the heady Summer temperatures, but direct and killer enough to ensure the club kids'll be learning the words to sing right back at you when you drop it at the next open-air tropical dance party.

"Duuh-Dup" is a more malicious and nefarious beast. Designed to creep into late nite sessions and wreck havoc amongst the clientele. Hypnotic, locked-in grooves just keep tumbling as lashings of acid and Roland drum boxes keep the jack vibe alive throughout. Mega.

Don't sleep on this one house cats...


Matt says: Release of the week for me. Perhaps the Summer. Massive.


A. Paradise
B. Duuh-Dup

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